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BreakingBet. Surebet scanner overview

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23 Май 2019
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BreakingBet begins to work in 2017. At the moment the scanner is running in test mode and access to the results free of charge.

The main parameters of the scanner BreakingBet:
  • Number of scanned bookmakers – 32 and 4 exchange for prematch arbs, 15 for live arbs
  • Mode – prematch surebet. Live arbs in test mode.
The program's interface is austere, decorated in neutral colours.
To start using the service, you must complete the registration process. Then you will receive a letter by e-mail with activation access. And you can start working.
The main screen is given over to the results. The filters can be adjusted directly from the menu of results:
  • Profit – to set the minimum and maximum percentage of winnings;
  • Bookmaker is to choose those bookies accounts where you have money or all at once;
  • Time (before the event) – any, 12 hours, 1 day, 2 days and 7 days.
Also, using filters you can select surebets according to the following criteria, you can choose number of outcomes – two or three.
Optionally, you can specify the format of the coefficients enable a sound alert and a pop-up window.

Pros and cons of BreakingBet surebet scanner
  • Low subscription price
  • Continuous addition of new scanned BC and new service features.
  • It is possible to suspend the subscription
  • Multilanguage. This suggests that the fork scanning service BreakingBet has come to the market seriously and for a long time.
  • Few scanned BM for Live mode
  • The lack of a mobile app
  • No free arbs