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The right choice of renderer services and avoiding of errors

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22 Май 2019
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Translation special for the surebet forum number one in the world StavkaLavka.pro

Today we’ll talk about rendering. The verification process is difficult and thorny. Sometimes the drop is not available. Sometimes it is available, but it does not have the required document. Or he went into denial. Or a drop owner asks for an amount greater than the cost of rendering. In such cases, we resort to the services of Photoshopers.

Everything seems to be simple - here we see an advertisement for the renderer service for the Betting Company, we order a drawing for it and send it to the bookie in anticipation of unlocking. But it was not there. Bookmakers accept drawings not so as 3-4 years ago, when they accepted everything. Additional documents are currently undergoing the most thorough check with bookmakers.

Why, after sending the check of community facilities, the account is blocked as fraudulent, although the drop is manual, all the photos are real, the drawing was made of the check of community facilities only. Why after providing a bank statement do they ask for a card to the account? What should be looked for when checking the operation of a photoshoper?

Let's talk about everything in order. We will not touch the foreign bookmakers who still accept drawings of questionable quality. Let's talk about bookmakers from CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).

Bookmakers have long been used to the fact that no one sends them drawings of basic documents and drops. That 99% of the submitted photos of the main documents are real. In the distant 2013-2015, none of the surebet users bothered about the real data of the drops. Everything was drawn. And the pictures were accepted by all betting companies. Even the drawings of the lowest quality. Bookmakers became wiser. They got quality software which looks for comparable or similar photos in the photo bookmaker database. Surebet users lost money in transition period. And they got used to the need to work only on real documents of available drops or purchased on the side.

That’s why the additional documents undergo the most thorough verification. For example, checks of community facilities. It is not difficult for the Security Council department to spend 2 minutes checking the billing, google the organization and its details specified in check of community facilities, and ring the telephone number indicated there. So, if it turns out that the check of community facilities is fake, then everything else is a circus.

Therefore, when ordering a drawing, demand from the photoshopers not to be lazy to look for real-life organizations and indicate real-life organizations, their reference details and contact details. Do not be lazy yourself, having got a job, to read the document carefully, check the organization, details and contact information in Google. Up to that to phone the specified number. You should not rely solely on the experience of the renderer. He may already have a blurry eye, may be too lazy to google, or just make a mistake. The human factor cannot be ruled out. Spend 5 minutes for checking. It will save your money.

Try to find a real check of community facilities of the desired region and ask the renderer to make a template out of it or take it as a sample. Yes, it's more expensive than using Photoshop templates. But just imagine how much such patterns the bookmaker has already. For Security Council department such standard patterns are like red rag for a bull. Although, again, a foreign bookmaker more likely will accept the template version without problems. That’s why ask the renderer whether his drawings are accepted by the desired Betting Company.

Carefully read the drawn account statement or bank agreement. After all, if there is information about a bank card tied to account, this is an occasion to ask you for a card to verify the accuracy of the check. Avoid such statements and such bank agreements. Again google the details. The same Sberbank has zoning. It is divided into different related legal entities that serve each of their regions. And it will be strange if a person living in the north has an extract from Sberbank of the southern region. Photoshoper can draw well, but can use one template for all regions. This is very bad.

That’s why it is very important to find a good responsible photoshoper.

And if you don’t have such person, if you need high-quality drawings, then we invite you to the StavKaLavka forum.
In the “Drawing”/”Rendering” section you will find the best renderers.
But don’t forget, that even the best can be wrong. Therefore, we carefully check before sending it to the bookmaker.